Anthony Steiner

An autodidactic Senior .NET Developer and also a Full-Stack Web Developer. Knowing a fair amount of back-end languages across multiple platforms (not just Microsoft® Windows™), most mainstream SQL Engines, as well as a solid understanding of front-end technologies utilizing JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3+.

What I Do

Web Design & Develop

Whether it's a static HTML website that's akin to an interactive business card, or a fully functioning E-Commerce website; I've designed and developed for both and everything in-between.


I'm actually just breaking into this facet of the industry, and because of it would have competitive pricing to make sure I gain the experience as well and get the product out there in the best way possible.

Windows Desktop & Web

Professionally I've been more geared towards the .NET spectrum of development. As such I'm quite proficient and capable in virtually any version of .NET, Windows, or the combination of therein.


I'm well versed in SQL Server, Oracle (later versions), PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, NoSQL technologies, as well as technologies usually found in IaaS/SaaS solutions such as CosmosDB, Hadoop/HDInsight, Redis.


Fun Facts


~18 Years

Happy Clients


Projects Completed


Languages Known

21+ (... and still learning)