I'm Anthony Steiner

Senior .NET Developer, Expert Web Developer, and aspiring Entrepreneur

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  • Location Maumee, OH
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Hello! I am Anthony Steiner, and I’m an autodidactic Senior .NET Developer and also a Full-Stack Web Developer.  Knowing a fair amount of back-end languages across multiple platforms (not just Microsoft® Windows™), most mainstream SQL Engines, as well as a solid understanding of front-end technologies utilizing JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3+.

I’m no stranger to small and large frameworks and find all of them to be useful for their desired needs, however I’m especially partial to AngularJS running via a MEAN stack.  I consistently bridge the gap between web and enterprise application development and find that they both can benefit from the techniques and paradigms used by the other, in certain cases.
I’m currently a Senior .NET Developer at InnerApps, LLC working on a product called IDSync where I get to utilize my spanning knowledge of both the .NET and Web-Stack worlds with blissful glee.
I’m also a Co-Founder and current CEO of CaelusMinds; a holdings company for projects my peers and I can utilize as a micro-business incubator.  With that platform I have a fair share of projects I’m working with my associates and peers I’ve accumulated throughout the years and plan on bringing at least one of the products to market in the next year.

Professional Skills (.NET)

Visual C#.NET 90%
VB.NET (Visual Basic) 90%
C++ 55%
F# 85%
WinForms 100%
ASP.NET 100%
WebAPI 95%
OData 100%
Microsoft SQL Server 2005+ 75%
IIS 6, 7+ 100%
Azure (general portal usage/understanding) 60%

There isn’t really much in .NET I’m not capable of doing, obviously certain areas of expertise stand out better than others.  I’ve been developing with .NET professionally since 2004 (18 years old), so I’ve gotten the opportunity to see a lot progress for the platform in a relatively small scale.

Professional Skills (Full Web Stack)

Python (... still learning) 40%
Ruby On Rails (... still learning) 65%
NodeJS 70%
JavaScript (best geared for ES6) 80%
AngularJS 75%
ReactJS (... still learning) 50%
Meteor (... just started learning) 25%
PHP 90%
Laravel (PHP) 70%
CodeIgniter (PHP) 100%
Zend Framework (PHP) 80%
DojoJS (via Zend Framework) 100%
MongoDB (... more to learn) 65%
CouchDB 75%
SQLite 100%
MySQL/MariaDB 80%
PostgreSQL 75%

I’ve been working with PHP and JavaScript since I was 15, only in recent years (do to the JavaScript boom) has my original passion for web development become rekindled.  I love how flexible the web stack can be, and what seemingly simple (or impressively complex) routes can be taken to do, what used to be, considered impossible.  From WebSockets to Push Notifications… from Subscription Event Hooks to simple Delegate/Promise async architecture.  I love it all.